Rhondana's Kennels Boston Terriers & French Bulldogs


Boston Terriers & French Bulldogs

Purposefully bred purebred dogs brought to you by AKC preservation breeder.
We are so proud of what we do for the next generation of
the happy, healthy canine family.

Upcoming litters…..Angel and Daisy

We will post the announcement as soon as they arrive this month of October 2017!!

Angel is one of our foundation Boston Terriers

Angel our 10 lb expectant mommy! Puppies coming soon!

Rhondanas Bostons and French Bulldogs, Mississippi



A Puppy For You! We don’t just sell a puppy to anyone. We place our puppies with appropriate new human families. We love our dogs and they are our family members and we do everything in our power to ensure the ones who leave us go to loving homes that will also treat them as family members.

An application and phone interview is required. Once you are approved for new puppy as a pet for your home, we work with you to ensure you get what you are looking for in a pet. We are always available for future questions, comments and we love getting photos back to see how they are growing up.

We are ethical breeder and own and breed the standard in our dogs. No fad colors or designer breedings. 

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