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Savannah – Female Boston Terrier Retired

RESERVED Going to live in Austin TX with Mendy B

Meet our very sweet little Miss Savannah

She’s 5 yrs of age and has produced us some GORGEOUS and very SWEET puppies and she’s ready to get her life on with her new forever home. She’s up to date on shots and wormer. We require an adoption fee of $250 to cover spay, etc. 

About Savannah – Generally a laid back easy going personality. But as you can see in her photos below, she has spunky moments and very young at heart. Inquisitive and full of play. She has dreamy eyes and she will look her humans directly in the eye with all the love she has in her heart. Even though she is considered small, we have let her over indulge in her favorite foods. We feed out dogs a holistic diet, so every ounce of weight on her is a healthy weight. 

Savannah plays well with other dogs, but when it’s dinner time she does not like sharing her dinner bowl and prefers private moments to enjoy her meals. 

She is crate trained and does not potty/peepee in her personal crate. She will hold it to go outside. She has slept with us on occasions and snuggled up to share popcorn and movie and I have to warn you, she snores lols. (We don’t mind though since we do too haha). Savannah does not mind wearing collars or taking rides in vehicle.

Savannah is VERY SPECIAL to us and I admit, it’s bitter/sweet heart throbs to let her go. She has my heart, but she deserves to become Queen of the Sofa and have undivided attention now. 

See photos of Savannah in the gallery below: 

Rhondanas Bostons and French Bulldogs, Mississippi

Here are some of Savannah’s puppies in the gallery below.

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