Rhondana's Kennels Boston Terriers & French Bulldogs

Tybee – Young Adult Retired

Our Sweet little 3 year old Tybee girl is small and compact. Full of life and love and will look you straight in the eye for attention. Very playful and curious in life. These are not studio photos of her but candid shots of her out roaming on the farm. She weights 15 lbs and is a cuddle bug! She’s in great health and whelped one litter for us below.

Rhondanas Bostons and French Bulldogs, Mississippi

Tybee’s very beautiful puppies. We love Tybee so much and wanted her in our lines and she gave us this very cute litter. After this she had birthing complications, so we have decided that she might be happier as the Queen of the sofa with her very own family that welcomes her as a family member. 

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