Rhondana's Kennels Boston Terriers & French Bulldogs

Boston Terrier Sires

CH Ryan

AKC Champion
Weights 16 lbs. (Medium)
A TRUE Gentleman!




AKC Champion Pedigree
Color: Black/White
Weights 14lbs. (Small)
Very affectionate and intelligent Gentleman!

JHC Clear >> Rookie-jhcr

Pedigree >>






AKC – Champion background.
Colour: Brindled
Weight: 12 lbs (Very Small)
Very playful attitude and social with other pets and humans. Cuddly and affectionate.

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Pedigree >> 


Our Males are GREAT quality Boston Terriers!!!

Our males are free and clear of hereditary health conditions that could be passed on to puppies. They all are small and have great personalities. They are beautiful conformity and produce some very fine puppies. So with the Black/White and Brindled/White we meet the AKC Standards for this breed.


The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.
~Johnny Depp


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