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Puppy Placement

Last Revision of this page – April 8, 2014

Our puppies come from great lines, with Champions and Grand-Champions in the background.

Puppy Placement Application

We prefer placing our puppies as pets in the right homes. We appreciate your filling out our puppy application so it helps us maintain your records. 

We maintain the right to refuse a sale/placement of any of our puppies or dogs at any time for any reason.

All Champion sired puppies go to pet homes only with a spay/neuter agreement. I register these puppies, but do not issue the AKC papers in your name until I see that the puppy has been spayed/or neutered. We do not sell CH sired puppies with breeding rights made available. 

Costs, Deposits for Reserve & Payments

Puppy Costs

Our average cost for Boston Terrier puppy pets $1,200. 

All puppy placements includes the cost of the puppy, microchip with lifetime registration, AKC registration, vaccines and vet check up in the price of the puppy. Puppy digital photos, and health records. (NOTE CHANGE: AKC Reunite microchips are available until our resource runs out but we will no longer use these as they are very huge and it’s very painful on puppies. We are looking into getting smaller chips from another company!)


APPLIES TO PUPPIES GOING TO PET HOMES WITH LIMITED AKC REG. Our deposits serve as a reserve on puppies. What that means is that we will stop presenting the puppy as available or hold the puppy specifically for you until it’s time to go home. The deposit is merely an agreement fee to hold that specific puppy, but as courtesy, we deduct that amount from total price of puppy upon delivery or pick up.

Deposits are non-refundable. Our reason for this is that when a person reserves one of our puppies it pulls them away from interested buyers. If the buyer backs out of the placement, then we have to retake photos and re-establish the puppy’s availability which can be very time consuming and most people want a young puppy and not an older puppy.

Deposits for Boston Terriers – $350



We will accept payments via trusted PayPal. We can set up invoices for the puppy buyer on PayPal with the deposit, total cost of the puppy and shipping fees.

Other Payment Methods

We accept cash, money orders, Western Union, MoneyGram and Walmart Payment. We do not under any circumstance accept personal checks or credit card payments.

All balances must be paid in full 10 days prior to pick up or delivery of  puppy. Cash or US Postal money orders are accepted on personal pick up.

American Kennel Club (AKC) Registration & Microchip with Registration

(NOTE: The following rules have been changed and we are allowing our new puppy owners to follow through with registration on the registered litter and to follow through with the microchip registration! )Our Bostons and Frenchies are AKC registered. We will register the puppy with AKC papers and microchip and there will be an additional cost of $65 to cover at new puppy buyers request.

We use AKC Reunite which means you will not have to pay annual renewal fees.

Food & Other

We feed our puppies/dogs raw chicken and beef, tuna, canned pumpkin, plain greek yogurt and Freedom dry kibble. In addition to this we frequently add Salmon oil and Vionate minerals to their meals which seems to keep all of them in excellent health.

We avoid ready packaged treats for our dogs due to the many health issues encountered over past few years. We make treats for our dogs and puppies at home. You can access some of ours and others recipes for dogs and puppies at http://canine-cuisine.com.

Puppy Nursery 

Weekly Updates – Our puppies are raised in our home. They are the same as family members. We assist the mom and puppies as needed. I strive to take photos of each puppy, each week of growth and share notes about individual development to each new reserved puppy owner. These updates are communicated via email and we try to keep the Available Puppy page updated weekly as well but not always on time so please personally contact us regarding a puppy of interest to ensure he/she is available or not. On occasions we may skip a week if our own personal life events or weather does not permit photos. As a rule most of my photos are taken outdoors in daylight so there is no mistaking color or markings, etc. We have a new camera which creates video and hopefully will be able to produce more video in the future.

Our puppies and mommy stay in the safety of a whelping box with cloth blankets and pads. All inside a large puppy play pen which is lined with soft puppy pads and equipped with food and water constantly for the mom’s as needed. We provide a warm lamp above the whelp box in the beginning to help the mommy keep puppies warm. Blankets, pads, food/water bowls are changed daily or as needed. Even though we put the mommies outside to go potty, we keep paper pads in the puppy play pen at all times just in case of emergency and also for the puppies to use themselves when they are old enough to move about and begin routine. Fresh food and water are kept available at all times for the mommy’s. We also invite children in our family to play with the puppies to help better socialize them during development.

NOTE: We no longer allow new puppy owners into our home exposing themselves to our puppies. Virus and bacteria and parasites which are not visible to the human eye can easily be transported and transferred to our puppies by handling or lingering near them. This decision is made from the advise of our puppy’s vet that derived from a very tragic incident. With this, we ask the new puppy owner to put confidence in the weekly updates with photos we provide.

SKYPE – We can also provide an online Skype meeting so you may see your puppy live in the screen and talk to it through the computer screen. An appointment must be set up in advance for these sessions and appointment request should be sent through the contact page. It has proven very effective in the past for new puppy owners to see and verbally interact with their puppies prior to final purchase. If you do not have Skype, it’s free for download to computers and various mobile phones and you can get it here: https://www.skype.com/en/

Docked Tails and Dew Claws – We rarely have the need to dock a tail, but if we do it is noted with the sale of the puppy. We have owned dogs all our lives and never had issue with a dew claw other than one time and we do not remove dew claws. To better understand why we do not you may read this article >> Do the Dew(claws)? – M. Christine Zink DVM, PhD, DACVSMR

General Routine – During first 8 weeks of growing and development of puppies are outlined here merely for your information so you understand what is happening along the way.

First Two Weeks – Puppies are closely watched. Eyes, weight gain and general growth and development and are kept under a heat lamp to add needed warmth as they grow. Puppy nails trimmed and Mommy bathed. Puppies get Nemex liquid wormer.

Third & Fourth Weeks – Eyes begin to open and puppies begin to walk about the whelping box exploring. Food and water is introduced. Generally the puppies learn to eat and drink by watching the mommy. Puppy nails trimmed and Mommy bathed. Puppies get SafeGuard liquid wormer.

Fifth to Eighth Weeks – Whelping box is replaced with a soft plush doggie bed. Puppies are put outdoors for couple hours during the day in special grass covered puppy play yard to get indirect sunlight and room to run and play. Mommy gets a break from the puppies during the day as this is the time she’s beginning to wean them but goes back into the puppy play pen with puppies over night. Puppy nails trimmed and Mommy bathed. At six and 8 weeks age the puppies get first vaccine of Nobivac Canine 1-DAPPv. They are also removed from the litter and put into a puppy crate just for the sake of them becoming familiar with it. Puppies and mommy’s bathed and nails trimmed. Add toys to play yard. We also try to take snapshots of your puppy while visiting their vet office.

Puppy Growing Updates – Are generally communicated via email and may not be communicated during a vacation or holiday week. We do not have a scheduled communication time, so please respect our time. We will take photos of the puppies along their growing time and share, but again, this is done as time on our end permits, but we promise not to let your puppy grow up without seeing some changes along the way as they grow. 


Puppy’s General Health & Guarantee

The parents of our puppies are all JHC, patella and cardio clear. NOTE: We make random unexpected noises from various direction to check hearing responses to ensure our puppies can hear. We can provide BAER (hearing) testing for puppies if requested, but there is an additional $175 advance non-refundable charge as it will involve an entire day of travel and exam.

Our puppies arrive to their new homes in good health and vet approved. We give our new puppy owners up to 72 hours to take your new puppy to your personal vet for general check up after puppy arrives home to verify. If a puppy should develop a life threatening congenital condition within the first year of life, we will replace the puppy. Veterinary communications and reports will be required before replacement is approved.

Wormers and Vaccines are up to date when you receive your puppy and a health report documenting previous treatments will be provided in order for the new puppy owner to continue treatments as needed.

We are not responsible for stress related conditions induced by environmental change to new home. These conditions which can include coccdia, giardia, hypoglycemia, kennel cough or parasites picked up in transits, which were dormant can be aroused by stress and cannot be diagnosed until it becomes active. We do take extra measures in providing preventatives for most of those listed prior to puppy travel.

Puppy’s Going Home

Our puppies are generally ready to go home beginning a day after the 8 week mark. They will be vet checked and Health Certificates required for those traveling out of state to new home. This is the best age for rehoming as it has given the puppies the opportunity to socialize within their own litter group, with their mom and other pets and family people. We will hold puppies up to 10 weeks for new puppy owners. We can hold longer, but there is a $10 daily fee for puppy sitting due to the extra work of having to spend more time with lonesome puppy.

We prefer new puppy families to pick up their new puppy in person. We do not allow the public into our home for this and we will meet our new puppy owners in person with the puppy in a convenient location. We are willing to drive up to 1 hour any direction from Hattiesburg MS to help reduce travel for new puppy owners.

If personal pick up is not an option, we offer alternatives in suggesting a door to door puppy nanny who can deliver directly to you in person. The cost of sending a puppy to you generally costs around $375.

We try to send food sampler, toys and blankets for those who travel, but cannot always guarantee it will arrive to them.

I hope we covered most of your questions and concerns here on this page, but if not feel free to contact me for anything further you may wish to know.

Thank you for making our puppy a family member!



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