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Retired Adults

We occasionally place young and mid aged adults in pet homes. What is generally required is a fee of $350 to cover costs of spay/neuter, health certificate, vaccines, etc. We set this price for retirement fees and is not per say ‘payment’ for a ‘dog’.

We generally prefer to know the persons of interest. We would like to know who your local vet of preference is and your experience with dogs, etc. It’s also our policy that in the case you should not want to keep a dog after it ages, to please return it to us. Also most of our dogs are AKC registered. We gladly transfer the AKC registration from our name to new owners between 30-60 days after dog has gone home with new prospected owners. This is to ensure the new owner has not changed their minds about keeping the dog as this can easily happen with older dogs. 

In the future we will provide a Transfer Contract that will cover all the aspects of transfer and new ownership and future life of the dog. It will also include a Terms and Conditions. 

We currently have a waiting list, but if you wish to be added to the list, send us email from our Contact page. 


Available Puppies

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